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" Sit down/' Professor Ball directed. " It's too late. Sit
down, like he said." He laid an arm around Cordelia's
shoulders, then withdrew it. "Go sit down/' he repeated,
" in yonder." He raised his right hand and, clumsily because
of the knobby bandages, plucked at his beard.

On the porch, one of the dogs barked frenziedly. There
was a pounding at the door.

The women had gone into the next room.

" Sit down," Professor Ball ordered Mr. Munn, and moved
toward the hall, slowly.

Mr. Munn let himself down, almost warily, into his chair.

He heard the voices in the hall, Professor Ball saying:
"Good evening. What can I do for you?" and another
voice: "We've come for Doctor MacDonald. Where is

He heard Professor Ball's voice answer: "Come in, gentle-
man, but I can't oblige you. He is not here."

"That won't do any good," the other voice answered. " We
had word. He's here/'

"He's not here," Professor Ball's voice repeated.

By an effort of will, painfully, Mr. Munn conquered his
impulse to rise from the chair.

"He can't get out," the voice said. "There's men all

The door from the hall swung fully open and a man in
uniform stood there. Other men were behind him.

Looking at the man, Mr. Munn thought: I can stand up
now, I can stand up, it's the natural tiling to do now. He
stood up and looked at the man.

"All right," the man at the door said back over his
shoulder, to Professor BaU, " well search the house. If you
want it that way you can have it." He stepped into the
room. " Who are you?" he demanded of Mr. Munn.

" My name's Munn," Mr. Munn said, and heard his voice
natural and even.

"What are you doing here?"

" Do you have a warrant for me?"